Roller Blinds 

Roller Blinds are one of the simplest ways of applying beautiful window treatment without compromising the general design and ambiance of the space. The blind's simple design gives it the ability to virtually disappear when not needed such making it one of the most versatile and flexible window treatment available. Decor Center caries many fabrics to suit every design demand. Our stock includes many colors and in many kinds. Including Blackouts, solar, zebra (2 way) plain and textured. All work on the blinds is done in house in our state of the art factory where blinds are laser cut and welded to insure the highest quality possible. 

Venetian Blinds

In Real or faux Wood as well as man made material (e.g aluminum or plastic) those blinds are generally made of a number of horizontal wooden slats that are joined together by corded pulleys which can either gather all the slats at the top of the window to reveal the view or simply angle the slats while allowing some light to travel through the blind yet retaining some level of privacy. Wooden blinds come in a number of finishes and sizes.