Drywall Partitions

Drywall (Gypsum) boards are manufactured to satisfy the need for a practical and cost effective solution for the designers’ wall and partition needs. Their Design flexibility gives the designer infinite choices when designing the space. Usually these boards are installed on Galvanised Studs and C Channels and can be formed into particularly any shape. The boards are Space, Time and resource efficient and can greatly reduce the costs of ducting and wiring in old and renovated buildings.






Aluminum Composite Panels

The modern look of Aluminum Composite panels gives the designer and the customer the freedom of creating high tech look for both the exterior and the interior spaces alike. The wide range of colors offered by Decor Center gives even more design diversity to the customer. Our sheets come in 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm thickness. The panels include 2 sheets of Aluminum sandwiching a polyethylene virgin core. Our Aluminum sheets are PVDF coated (kynar 500) to protect it from the elements and to give an everlasting shine and a high fireproof rating.  We only import our sheets from the best manufacturers Alubond USA and JustRight. 




Tempered Glass Partitions


 The need for an open space has become increasingly important in a modern office or home. Tempered glass partitions satisfy the need for a beautiful yet practical open space. Tempered Glass partitions can be clear or glazed depending on the application. Moreover; wooden, aluminum or drywall partition can be incorporated with the glass partitions to reach the desired effects.