Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is a practical yet classy solution for the modern home and office. It simulates the high end feel of hardwood yet it wears better, installs easier and costs less.

Our First Grade Laminates are beautiful as well as practicable. Our laminates are available in over 20 different Decors that mimic the natural look and beauty of real wood.  Our Floorings are are Impact, Scratch and Humidity resistant and are very easy to Install (Double Click System), Maintain and Clean making them a very suitable choice for your active Home or Work environment.

We carry 8mm thickness – 8mm V-groove, 12mm V-groove and 12mm wave  to suit all your decoration needs, we import only first quality products from Classen,  Canada Floor, Adina Gmbh and Delai Industries.


Hardwood Flooring

Classy, fashionable and high end solution to your flooring needs. Hard wood flooring planks (parquet) are manufactured from the Timber of hardwoods thus although the general color may be the same each project will turn out unique depending on character and the grain of the Tree. The classical rich look and feel of hardwood fits the ambiance of Villas, Gymnasiums and top-notch Restaurants.

All A-Grade woods with distinctive colors and grains, such as Oak, Cherry, Rosewood, and Maple are used to give the space the perfect Parquet look that is durable and long lasting.


 Vinyl Flooring


Is a robust, cost effective and fashionable alternative to traditional flooring solutions. Vinyl flooring comes in many colors from Classical and Calm to Modern and Vibrant.

Our first Grade Vinyl tiles come in an array of colors and designs which grants a huge flexibility to the designer to create a unique space.

It is a great flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms or sea side properties, because it’s waterproof and resists mildew. It is also very difficult to stain or scratch and requires minimal maintenance.

Rubber Tiles

Our 60cm X 60 cm Rubber tiles are made from 100% Virgin Rubber , giving them the best antistatic characteristics required for the flooring needs of  Hospitals, Server Rooms, High tech industries, Labs,  Schools, Playgrounds and Kindergartens. Moreover, due to their long life, high durability, cheer full colors and full flexibility they would look perfect in showrooms and very attracting in exhibitions and kitchens.

We only import first quality 2 mm and 3 mm Rubber Tiles from the world renowned German manufacturer Freudenberg.