Drywall Ceilings






The Limitlessness of designs and the requirements of the Modern Living and Working Spaces require the Flexibility and Durability of Drywall (Gypsum) Ceilings.  The Fact that the designer can incorporate infinite designs to drywall ceilings and incorporate hidden and slotted lightening solutions in the 12mm drywall makes it a perfect choice for Showrooms, Living Spaces, Hospitals, Hotels and Lobbies. 

Our First Quality drywalls are made of premium Gypsum boards and are installed on Galvanised steel studs and Tracks.

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles





Practical, Fireproof (rated) and above all Beautiful. These 60cm X 60 cm Perforated tiles are made from pure aluminum rendering them a perfect choice for prime office and show room locations. The tiles come in Multicolour and are ingeniously installed using the Clip-In system.  

Made by Alboud USA  (a world recognized manufacturer)  from Prime material these tiles are PVDF coated to increase their durability, color fastness and fireproof rating.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles






 For those looking for a practical , easy to install, easy to maintain solution to their office ceiling needs the suspended Gypsum or Fibre Glass Ceiling  60 cm X 60 cm Tiles offer all that plus the flexibility of accommodating all ducting and wiring needs of the modern office.

The tiles come in different decors and are, as all of our products, of premium quality and first grade.

 Stretch Ceiling






 A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that incorporates a lightweight stretch fabric membrane fixed on an aluminum track. Since the fabric is stretchy the designer has little limitation on the shapes he/she needs to incorporate in the ceilings. The same system can also be used for wall coverings, floating panels, etc.

 Stretch Ceilings' fabrics come in many colors and finishes.Matt, Satin,  Perforated, and Translucent (for back-lighting and projection) are some of the options available for the designer. Moreover, the material can be printed or painted for additional effects, is waterproof, washable and fire rated.